A scalable thermally integrated CuInGaSe (CIGS) photovoltaic-alkaline electrolyser


Within the PECSYS Project, we, Uppsala University and Solibro Research AB, developed a thermally integrated photovoltaic (PV)-electrolysis device made up of a CuInGaSe (CIGS) photovoltaic module and a FeNiOH (cathode)-FeNiOH (anode)-based alkaline electrolyser. 

The solar to hydrogen conversion efficiency (STH) remained above 10 % for more than
1 hour at 100 mW cm-2 resulting in an average hydrogen production rate of
5.74 mL min-1 for a device with a 2×3-cell CIGS module (active area ~ 80 cm²) and an electrolyser with an electrode area of 100 cm2. The average hydrogen production rate and STH efficiency were 5.4 mL min-1 and 9.7 % for 7-days-operation of the device, respectively.

Keywords: CIGS photovoltaic cell, FeNiOH electrocatalyst, water splitting, alkaline electrolysis; thermally integrated device; scalable approach

Contact: Tomas.Edvinsson@angstrom.uu.se